5 reasons why Taylor Swift is AMAZING

When it comes to music I'm not afraid to say my tastes aren't too extreme in any direction.Ultimate easy listening for the under 30's. Music that makes it particularly high up my 'play until your mother is begging you to change the song' list tends to have a message I can identify with and there is someone who never fails - Taylor Swift!

It probably helps that she was born just six months earlier than me (although that really puts into perspective how much I've achieved in my life!) because as I grow up she does too. Here are 5 reasons why she is amazing.

1. She has a song for EVERY mood. Now this is no word of an exaggeration no matter whether you're feeling mopey, sassy, soppy, reflective, fun or angry she has got it covered and articulates it far better than you or I ever could. No matter what it is that has made you feel that way she has felt it to and when you're feeling it you can wind the windows down and sing along at the top of your voice. As your problems have matured, so have hers so just pick up a later album for the more grown up issues.

2. She is so cute. Whilst you know you could never raid her wardrobe because she has the legs of a racehorse, she dresses so girly but in such an uncontrived way. She's not afraid to flash some skin but she doesn't rely on it, and wow does that girl know how to accessorize. Okay so I won't fit in the shorts but maybe she could lend me a head band.

3. Her taste in guys. Now our Tay Tay has got a lot of flack for getting through guys quicker than she gets through red lipsticks but if you were her, wouldn't you? Like the rest of us she's a sucker for a bad boy, but holds herself to high enough standard to kick them to the curb when they deserve it. She does what any girl who has ever been messed around by a guy wants to do - call them out on it. Now personally I'm a fan of the Taylor/Styles partnership - here's to hoping that one makes a comeback... #teamhaylor

4. She can laugh at herself. She has so much class she can always poke fun at herself, through her music and in real life. Kanyegate could have been a disaster but she handled it perfectly to make him look like the asshat he is. You just have to look up any of her countless SNL appearances or her T-Pain collaboration to know she doesn't take herself to seriously.

5. She looks like she would be the most fun best friend. Endless instagrams of baking, dressing up and dancing I just know I want to be in her gang! Songs like 'Mean' make me think she would be a great person to have your back and her friends always look like they're having the best time (see Karlie Kloss).

That is why I love Taylor Swift. Now excuse me whilst I go and listen to 'Red' and deface photos of John Mayer...


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