Soap and Glory Supercat Liquid Liner - review (good for beginners)

Soap and Glory Supercat liquid liner pen

Ah the gorgeous cat flick, the most difficult of all the beauty looks. Not only do you need a delicate, steady hand but you need the right formula and means of applying. A minefield I have been constantly trying to navigate ever since I started wearing makeup. I have eyeliner on the waterline, or under the eye down but for some reason I just can't seem to get lining the eyelid right. My eyes are very small so even being the slightest bit heavy handed makes me look like a drunk panda.

After reading Lily Pebbles review, having had a similar disappointing experience with the Benefit 'They're Real' Push Up Liner - she recommended Soap and Glory's 'Supercat' pen.

I find the pen application as easy as it's going to get as I can literally draw the liner on. Usually I find them to be a little dry which can make it hard to have a solid line but this wasn't at all and I got a lovely smooth line very easily - although the product is very new so it remains to be seen if it will dry up quickly. The pen made it very easy to touch up areas I hadn't quite got even on the first try and I was left with a look I was really happy with. The weird thing about this product is that it describes itself as a liquid liner but I would argue the finish is more gel like, it definitely doesn't quite stay put like other liquid liners I've tried - it is more smudgey which you could use to your advantage but personally I'd prefer it to dry completely. I kept it simple for the look in the picture (start small!) but it could easily be extended into a winged/cat flick style.

Overall I definitely think this is the best liner I've tried for doing the eyelid if you're a complete novice like me. I'll be interested to see how it goes as it dries up, but at only £6 I won't be too bothered either way! If you like Soap and Glory products you can pick this up with another item from their range at buy one get one half price - I'd also recommend the 'Thick and Fast' mascara or the 'Hocus Focus' illuminator.

What is your favourite eyeliner for a cat flick? Let me know in the comments.

Soap and Glory Supercat liquid liner pen, cat flick, winged liner, eyeliner,
 Soap and Glory Supercat liquid liner pen, cat flick, winged eyeliner look,

Soap and Glory Supercat liquid liner pen, swatch



  1. Charl13:05

    I love this Supercat liner, I jump between this one and the Collection felt tip liner but I find this one stays blacker and doesn't dry out as quickly!x

  2. Nicola Simmons19:27

    Yeah I am loving it so far! Great for idiots like me!! X


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