Staying at the Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth

View of Bournemouth seafront, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent this weekend away first in Devon then to extend our weekend I booked a nights stay for Ryan and I in Bournemouth on the way home. I love the idea of boutique hotels because they are so unique, and you really feel like you have had a special, individual experience. I came across the Cottonwood Boutique Hotel when browsing Expedia and paid £69 for one night in a double room. For a hotel on the seafront it was a great price, so I arrived wondering what the catch was but I feel happy to say I couldn't find one.

We were greeted by the nice surprise of a free car park - very novel for a city centre hotel - and a lovely sea view and I was immediately excited. I walked into the lobby and was greeted to a feast for my eyes of gorgeous wall paper, suits of armour and luxurious velveteen arm chairs. A lovely receptionist called Tom greeted us and checked us in. He was really friendly and efficient, in no time we were heading up the amazing huge staircase to our room. If you dare they also have a really cool old style elevator (think Titanic). 

suit of armour, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
entrance hall, mirror, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
I was really surprised to find our room had a sea view, I thought that would be the kind of thing you paid extra for but apparently not! Our room had a kind of 70's feel with wooden furniture, a camel coloured throw and some proper vintage style wallpaper. Judging by photos of other rooms it was definitely one of the less stylish rooms but I had no complaints. The bathroom was very clean and new, and they had some lovely toiletries to get me excited. The room had all the usuals, tea station, little TV, lamps and a very strategically placed mirror (next to a plug socket - girls will know how fab that is). The photo below is the view from our window - how perfect! 

view of bournemouth beach, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
room decor, wallpaper, lamp, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
The standout thing about this hotel is undoubtedly the bar. WOW. If I were ever to have a house and the money to do it up exactly how I wanted I would replicate this room. Pink, luxurious fabrics and amazing prints, distressed metallics just made it really amazing for me. I wish I could have lived in it. Ryan and I decided to stop for a cocktail there on our way out because it just looked so perfect. I went for a simple cosmo which came decadently decorated with some orange peel, whilst Ryan went for a strawberry daquiri which wasn't actually on the menu but the barman showed his skills by making with fresh stawberries.

The cocktail menu wasn't very varied which was a shame, because if like us you like sweeter offerings you may struggle to find something. However if all the bar staff are as helpful and knowledgeable as the one that served us, hopefully they can make something you will like! They were very reasonably priced for the quality at £7. We sat out on the bar's terrace with beautiful sea view and intricate black iron furniture. I had a sneaky peek at the afternoon tea menu and if I was ever back I'd love to try that out as it looked amazing.

pineapple light fitting, pink wallpaper, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
pink velvet bar stools, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
bar, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
printer chairs, glass table, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
coffee coloured, velvet armchairs, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
pink striped wallpaper, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
Ornate gold mirror, chandelier, pink velvet bar stools, Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth
Bar at Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth

It has to be said that this hotel doesn't look like much from the outside (actually not many I saw in Bournemouth do) but it more than makes up for it on the inside. I wish our stay was a bit longer so we'd have had a chance to eat in their restaurant and explore. Next door you will find their sister hotel the Ocean View, which has a lovely pool outside - and if the weather is good guests of both hotels can make use of it. I paid £69 for our room which seems to be the going rate through Expedia - they go for well over £100 on other comparison sites. Sadly that didn't include breakfast which we didn't add on (for £7.50) because we aren't really breakfast people. Considering this meant we could park a short walk from the city centre for free it was more than worth it. I would even say if you're in the area it's a great place to stop for a beach side drink.

Apologies for the long photo heavy post, I just wanted to do this hotel justice as it really is a feast for your eyes. If you'd like to find out more about the hotel you can find their website here.

Swimming pool Cottonwood Boutique Hotel Bournemouth


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  1. I can't believe how cheap that hotel was, it looks amazing, and it's on the seafront!!! Will definitely be checking it out, what a barg!

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