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Tan backpack, gold zips, pockets, slouchy, primark, casual

Ever since I saw this beauty for the Ashish/Topshop collaboration I have been wanting a backpack. They go completely with my 90's love, they're super practical and really cute. Sadly I couldn't bring myself to spend £200, and even the £75 Graffea ones make me wince a little. I love big retro style pastel bags but I wanted one that could fill a hole in my collection.

Enter this tan number from Primark. I don't have a tan or anything really casual so this slouchy number fit the bill quite nicely. I love that it's big enough for me to be a hoarder, but it still looks kind of dainty. The gold zips give it a kind of boho look which works well with some of the more grungey outfits I've been experimenting with lately. Like any backpack there are pockets a plenty and the straps are nice and adjustable to wear geek style or not as you wish. As with all Primark bags I am going to remember not to overload it because the straps can't usually take a lot of strain but really it's what you'd expect of a a bag of that price.

At £12 I think this is a great seasonal buy, and I've loved just throwing it on with a casual outfit when a black satchel or my big pink RI bag is just too much. I don't expect it will last forever, but that's fashion!

Tan backpack, gold zips, pockets, slouchy, primark, casual
Tan backpack, gold zips, pockets, slouchy, primark, casual

I believe they also do it in black.

What do you think of this trend? Would you wear a rucksack outside of the playground?

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  1. Ah, Primark, the saviour for a fashionista on a budget! I, myself, being one of the 'saved ones' on a few occasions.

    The bag looks absolutely adorable. I'm a sucker for small and sweet organic-looking things. Probably something to do with my mori girl fixation. >< I've seen a good few of my classmates sporting an edgier, firmer, black version with silver studs, but I'm more of a natural girl. Brown is definitely my colour if I ever decide to get this.

    Thanks for the review, Nicola, hope to read more from you!

    xoxo Rin

  2. I bought a blue primark back pack last year... To sound like a total mum, it's amazing for days out with the kids! You can stuff in so much and be hands free!


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