Urban Decay Brow Box review

Urban Decay Brow Box, Brown Sugar

Urban Decay are a brand that I mention very consistently on this blog and with good reason. Sure their holy Naked trinity are a beauty blogger essential but to me it's much more than that. I love the blend of price and quality and I really think their brand is so unique, young, edgy and fun so when I'm in the market for a new product I always check their offering first.

Enter my search for a brow product. After years of cheap pencils and poor technique leaving my eyebrows less than natural I wanted an easier way to get a fuller look. The UD Brow Box got my attention because it was so full. Not only did you get wax and two shades but you get TWO mini angled brushes (perfect brow width) and mini tweezers - ideal if you're on the go a lot. The tweezers are actually surprisingly easy to use to get rid of a few stray hairs ready to go.

Urban Decay Brow Box, Brown SugarUrban Decay Brow Box, Brown Sugar

I'm not sure the official way round you are supposed to use them but I tend to use one brush to roughly comb my brows into place and in the same direction. I actually find the wax alone can look quite good when I'm having a fuller brow today and I think its a great easy to use formula - not too greasy or blobby. I then use the angle of the other brush to fill in my brows with the powder. A little bit goes a long way here but its fairly easy to correct if you go wrong. I use the lighter shade everyday and the darker rarely if I want to go really strong. Using both wax and powder together I find it last all day although I do feel like I have to be careful not to touch them too much.

I absolutely love this product and has really revolutionised my brow routine. It's not anywhere near as much of a faff as I was expecting and I think it looks really polished for someone with such terrible technique. I went for shade 'Brown Sugar' but on reflection that is actually a bit too dark for me and I perhaps should have gone for 'Honey Pot'. At £19 it's quite pricey for such a tiny box but believe me when I say you won't need anything else - find it here.

What is your brow routine? Leave me your links in the comments!

Urban Decay Brow Box, Brown Sugar swatch
Urban Decay Brow Box, Brown Sugar swatch


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  1. Mademoiselle Lala20:17

    I love how it has everything you can possibly need in one little (cute!) packaging!



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