Beauty Works Large Paddle Brush

Beauty Works Large Paddle Brush, best brush hair extensions

Blogging with one full time job and one part time job can sometimes get a little tricky. I've been a little absent this week because life has got a bit crazy. A fun part of the craziness was attending Bloggers Love Fashion Week. It was a really nice first event to go to because it was open to any blogger to come, meet some brands and other bloggers in a relaxed atmosphere.
One of the brands I was really excited to meet was Beauty Works, as you might know I've worn weaved in BW gold extensions for months now and loved them so I was feeling a bit fan girl. I already knew that they had recently released a couple of brushes specially designed for extensions, and the lovely Beauty Works team gave me a Large Paddle Brush* to try. 

If you have hair extension you will know by nature they shed, some more than others, and also tangle easily so anything that can help both of these things is something worth paying attention to. You can see each bristle on the brush is a mixture of soft, natural and nylon pins to keep the hair tangle free with minimal loss. The problem I've found with these type of brushes in the past is they are perhaps a bit too gentle and don't get the knots well enough but the addition of the nylon pins combats this perfectly. 

You can tell Beauty Works really know what extensions need, because this brush meets it perfectly. The only thing which could be a bit difficult to justify is the price of £24.99, but anybody who has extensions will know you're wasting your initial investment if you don't look after them properly and there is no cheaper product like it. Occasionally places like Paul's Hair World run discounts so this would be a great item to pick up when they do if that is a little bit on the pricey side for you.

Has anybody else tried Beauty Works? What did you think?
Beauty Works Large Paddle Brush, best brush hair extensions

Beauty Works Large Paddle Brush, best brush hair extensions


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