Benefit Instant Comeback Serum

Benefit skincare, instant comeback serum,
When I think of Benefit, I think of cute, quirky cosmetics and gift sets. 50's inspired packaging and interesting colours. Skincare isn't something that immediately comes to mind so when I got this tester sized 'Instant Comeback Serum' with some other purchases I was intrigued.
It's no secret skincare is an absolute minefield for me. I've only just got to grips with cleansing and toning but as for serums, and other things I don't have a clue where to start, Benefit instructs you to use this after a cleanser to plump and hydrate.

The consistency is strange, it's an almost gel like translucent liquid. You only need a little of the liquid to cover your face. It has a really fresh aloe type smell which I love in skin products. As for the results I'm definitely a sceptic with most skin products as so much depends on hormones and lifestyle but at a time in the month where my skin was looking a bit lacklustre I definitely feel it's brought back some luminosity, and my usually dry skin definitely feels less tight.

I'd love to try some more of Benefit's skincare range to see how they work together, the packaging is completely different to everything in their makeup range - it's really fresh, grown up and kind of art deco. These products would look fantastic on your dresser. BUT a full sized bottle of this serum retails at £36, which I know is cheaper than a lot of the big skincare brands (Kiehls etc) but something that's kind of nice but not a life changer I think thats probably a little steep. Having Benefit approved skin is just going to have to wait - unless they're giving out any more minis... 

Have you tried Benefit's skincare range? I'd love to know which products you think are worth the dollar.

Benefit skincare, instant comeback serum,


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