Oxgenetix Oygenating Foundation Review

Oxygenetix oxygenating foundation review, beige
Foundation is something I'm only just starting to gather a bit of a collection of. As its usually the most expensive item in a makeup bag, I used to just finish one before buying another but now I am trying to collect something for all my needs. The foundation I'm talking about today is one I picked up a sample of at Bloggers Love Fashion Week from a brand, Oxygenetix that I hadn't heard of.
After doing a bit more digging on the brand it became clear why I hadn't heard of it, the foundation was formulated to compliment cosmetic skin procedures, so it's largely sold in dermatology practices or for use in photography. You can tell this from the packaging as it's very clinical in my opinion and not something you'd get from a cosmetics brand. The lovely rep described it as a full coverage that lets your skin breathe due to the aloe vera base (rather than water like most foundations). 

Now I don't know if I'm just hard to please with full coverage but I found it to be more medium (close to NARS Sheer Glow) but it has a gorgeous dewy finish. It really does feel light and moisturising, and all in all gives the face a fresh look. It lasts for a working day which is all I can really ask and it is fairly easy to blend. There are a really good selection of shades both blue and yellow toned, I was given the shade 'Beige' from the yellow scale, but on reflection I wish I'd have asked for a blue because it is a little warm for me (see face/neck contrast LOL).

I really love using this on days where I can't go without make up but my skin really feels like it needs a break. You can pick up the Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation online from Skin Oracle but it is a whopping £45 which is definitely one of the priciest products I can think of. If you were just wanting another all rounder I'd probably leave it at that price, but I think if you have particularly problematic or sensitive skin I think this would be a great option. 

Have you heard of Oxygenetix? And would you ever pay £45 for a foundation? Let me know in the comments!

Oxygenetix oxygenating foundation review, beige swatch

Oxygenetix oxygenating foundation review, beige swatch, before, after


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