Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo - Aussome Volume - Better than Batiste?

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo, Aussome Volume, review

Oh what did we do before dry shampoo? I certainly don't know, I basically live off the stuff now. One of my earliest posts on this blog (complete with terribly edited photo) was an Ode to Batiste's XXL Volume version. Aussie are a brand I've always loved, their beautifully smelling range was just at the top end of what I could afford and it was so worth it. Having recently brought out a dry shampoo I figured I'd better try it.

For my fine hair there was no other choice than 'Aussome Volume' but they do also do a 'Mega Instant'(?!) and a 'Colour Mate'. To my pleasure it had that amazing Aussie smell, which is sweet almost like bubblegum which is something I still don't think Batiste have got right - their smells are very manufactured and the XXL smells a little chemical on first spray.

Unfortunately this is where the advantages stopped and other than giving a fresher smell I really didn't think it gave my hair any lift at all. It doesn't have the grey colour of some dry shampoos but without that I couldn't really see how it could work. I tried back combing the root a little afterwards because that's where Batiste really comes into it's own but honestly didn't see a difference.

It's £4.99 I'd just keep the couple of quid and stick with Batiste as you get way more action for your spray, Aussie, unfortunately it's like your great export Peter Andre - looks and smells good, inoffensive but largely useless...

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo, Aussome Volume, review



  1. Kelsey15:12

    I bought this as I love trying new dry shampoos but was disappointed too. Did you find it had a sort of wet formula when first sprayed? My can also broke after the second use and I seemed to use a hella lot when applying it! Back to Batiste for me too!

    Kelsey xx

  2. Jemma15:53

    oo I nearly got this the other day as it was £2 in B&M.
    I'm glad I didn't know


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