L'Oreal Professionel Tecni.Art - volume lift mousse and next day hair spray

L'Oreal Professionel, Tecni.Art, volume lift spray mousse, next day hair spray, review

Tecni.ART Volume Lift Mousse* & Tecni.ART Wild Stylers Next Day Hair*

I'm always looking for products which will give my hair a lift, so when I picked these up at Bloggers Love fashion week from the Rush Shop, The products are from L'Oreal in their salon range, so I expected big things. 

I was particularly interested in the Next Day Hair spray because I love that messy textured look. The first thing I always notice is the packaging, it looks expensive and it looks really cool on the dressing table. It smells AMAZING, like seriously so so good and I just loved spraying it in my hair. You work it through with your fingers to achieve a textured, tousled look. Generally I HATE my first day hair so this was a welcome product for me. I really liked what it did, it wasn't a jaw dropping effect but it definitely made my clean hair much easier to work with.
Mousse isn't a product I've had a lot of time for in the past. I don't like the crisp way it can dry and my hair isn't the type that lends itself to scrunching for lovely waves. I have tried using it throughout the body of the hair and directly into the roots before blow drying as directed. I just found it dried very crisp and being a spray on mousse (?!) it was very hard to apply. It did provide a bit of lift but nothing life changing. I wouldn't buy it, but then again I would never buy a mousse. 

I wanted to create a look using the products on camera, but really both products had more use in the texture and preparing the hair so that's quite hard to show in a photo. The products retail for between £10-£12 each which is great for salon products and I'd definitely pay that for the Next Day Spray (if only for the heavenly smell) but I'd leave the Mousse. You can find L'Oreal Professionel range on Rush's website here. I'm definitely going to try a few more pieces! 

Have you tried anything from this range? I'd love to hear what you think.

Thanks for reading.

L'Oreal Professionel, Tecni.Art, next day hair spray, review
L'Oreal Professionel, Tecni.Art, volume lift spray mousse, review


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