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As a dedicated fake tan user, it may come as a surprise that I haven't actually talked about a product on here before. I have to say I'm largely guilty of being a slave to Rimmel instant, easy and without the worry of waiting only for it to come out wrong. But, after having got this as a freebie with one of the monthly mags, I thought it was only right that I give it a go. 

I haven't actually heard of 'Nip and Fab' before but I've since seen a small selection of their products in Superdrug. The product doesn't make any particularly bold claims just that it is a 'clear tanning gel' for a sunkissed glow. First off I didn't particularly like the gel or the clear elements. I see where they were going as there is not as much worry of ruining your clothes, but I found it hard to be sure where I had applied. The gel texture was very uncomfortable and sticky, and it didn't feel like it sank in particularly well. 

Usually I get annoyed when reviews talk about a product but don't actually show it on the skin, but honestly with this product there was literally nothing to show. I didn't see any difference on my legs or arms after leaving it to develop for the day. All it really seemed to do was leave a waxy residue. I'm fairly pale, so I can be fairly certain that if it showed any particular colour it would have on me. 

Now I'm not sure how much this retails for but I absolutely wouldn't recommend it. Whilst it wasn't a 'disaster', it just wasn't anything, I think I'll stick with my Rimmel and Sienna X for now... 

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  1. Nicola Simmons10:44

    Yeah I think I'm going to reserve judgement until I've tried a couple of others but definitely don't think this is a good un unfortunately x


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