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I wasn't going to write about this, to give the Zoella article (I am not going to give it the satisfaction of a click through) any more exposure than it deserves seems almost counter productive. However after looking a little closer I realised the Chloe Hamilton of Independent troll column fame was actually someone I went to school with. Someone who I admittedly knew very little but saw a fair amount of in the 10-12 years.
In that time I never heard or saw anything particularly controversial from her, which was why I was all the more shocked to see her face attached to that hateful article. I don't want to patronise her by blaming it on her youth but knowing she was the year below me at school I know that she can't have been a journalist for very long, so probably is eager to make waves in the mainstream media but is bullying really the way to do it? I don't know why it irritated all the more for this reason, but it did.

First of all I should say that whilst I am not a Zoella minion, I do actually really like Zoe.  She's the kind of girl I wish I had as a friend. She is kind, funny, hard working and authentic - all of which are qualities I value in a public figure and subsequently a role model. She has built her empire with her own two hands, on a foundation of charisma and relateability. Claims that she is instilling poor values through her makeup tutorials, personally I find quite unfounded when anyone who has watched her channel at any great length would know she spends a lot of time barefaced and treats makeup as a hobby rather than a necessity. She is of course pretty, but it's real and imperfect and if I had children I would much rather they aspired to look like her than like the photoshopped women you see in mainstream media. I do actually think the Youtube culture is very interesting, but I think that is a whole different post.

Having said all of this, my problem with this article isn't actually with Chloe's opinion of Zoe, as like any "celebrity" that is somewhat subjective. My problem is with the way she presents it as a feminist argument, littered with contradictions and personal attack's on Zoe's looks and personality. The way she associates a person's interests with their credibility and assumes a woman who enjoys beauty and fashion cannot possibly be an intelligent one. I've argued before that women should set their own standards, and equality will come when we are allowed to do so. My penchant for Disney films, Mcfly and eyeliner in no way restricts my desire to be taken seriously, my self esteem or my intelligence. Her suggestion of worthier hobbies are 'read a book' or 'go out with friends' - things I'm sure plenty of her viewers also do. And considering she "single handedly keeps Wella in business" presumably she is just as invalid as Zoe is?

When will women learn that taking each other down will not help our cause? You see Chloe, girls are under pressure - but not because of women like Zoe - but because of women like you who despite achieving success I'm sure Zoe could have only dreamed of as an 11 year old vlogging her family holiday, the media will still be giving a voice to people like you who are determined trivialise it and focus on her enormous eyes and high pitched giggle.



  1. I'm not a Zoella minion either, but I think Zoe's a nice girl. One thing I admire is that even with the money and fame she doesn't seem to have changed at all and continues to act like the girl next door, very simple and humble, which is probably why she's so popular. I don't get the rant that woman had about her. I don't particularly see her as a bad influence to teenagers, at all. Women should definitely support each other more and stop bitching about everything. What Chloe did is sickening, not Zoella or any of what she mentioned in her silly article. x

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  2. Chloe x20:40

    I really like Zoe, I think she's a really great rolemodel for young girls. I work in Superdrug and now we've had her collection in we get alot of younger girls asking about it and saying how much they like watching her videos. These women may have achieved a celebrity status but they still remain relatable and real with their videos and I think are great inspiration for those young girls x

  3. Coco Cami15:48

    Great post on an important issue. Lovely blog, I have followed you with Bloglovin and GFC, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

  4. This is a great post. You have it bang on. Pulling people down is the entire issue here.

  5. Nicola Simmons14:36

    Thank you, it absolutely is! Bullying should not be allowed from a national newspaper!x

  6. Nicola Simmons14:36

    Thank you so much for reading, I'll take a look :) x

  7. Nicola Simmons14:37

    Yeah I definitely agree, and the proof is in the pudding at the end of the day. I guess public figures are always going to get hated on, it's just not right to do it in this way x

  8. Nicola Simmons14:38

    Yes I agree, I think it's a nice balance of being 'PG' without being false. I think it's just a case of clickbaiting it's a shame someone had to get so taken down for it. x


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