Kate Spade for Nails Inc in New York Noir

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Ever since the days of Smash Hits where I used to collect popstar pencil tins I have always loved a magazine freebie. As my mags got more grown up, so did the gifts and this is one of my favourites from recently. Glamour quite often give away some great polishes but often the shades can be pretty hit or miss. But this collection from Kate Spade didn't contain a single dud.

I went for the classic glossy black and I'm absolutely in love. It just looks so slick even on my stubby nails and I'm a few days in with no chips. It goes on so nicely as with any Nails Inc polish (no signature brush though - sigh) and I think this is going to be my staple colour this party seasson. I think I'm going to try it with a gold accent finger or some gold nail art - very 20's art deco I think.

I do love a good black nail polish, if you can recommend any other good ones let me know because I love trying out different finishes. I'll definitely be trying to pick up some new Nails Inc in the future - I have my eye on the leather or snowflake Alexa polishes!

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