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It's not often I feel that Christmassy excitement but this year I'm going all out - I have a tree and it's up already! I am very rubbish at choosing gifts but I honestly thing nothing beats the feeling of choosing the right thing. Even though it's not all about the presents I love making a wishlists so if you have a girly girl to buy for, if she's anything like me here's what might go down well.
The first one must be quite personal to me, but I'm really wanting to take a step up with my blogging for 2015 but it's so hard to get the photography where I want it to be working full time I never get the chance to be out taking photos in natural light so I think these soft box lights would come in so handy. They're quite affordable and come recommended by Zoella herself (a few years ago mind).

There's a bit of a theme around the middle - anyone who knows me should know that anything rose gold has me sold immediately and I've wanted a name necklace like this for SO long and Etsy are full of them with a modern twist like this one.

You might raise an eyebrow at my book choice but since 3 years of ridiculously intense reading for my English degree all I ever read now is 'easy' stuff. I'm ridiculously nosy (MY BAD) so autobiographies are my particular guilty pleasure.

Fashion is a hard thing to buy for someone else but I think shoes are a generally safe bet and over the knee boots are everywhere right now. I've had my eye on these ones as mine died last year, I love the chunky heel. Finally I know every girly girl would love to find the perfect New Years Eve dress under the tree - Topshop have some gorgeous feathered offerings at the moment - this one is really special.

So there we have it, my Winter Wishlist/Girly Girl Gift Guide. I hope it's given you some ideas! I'd love to know what's made it onto your Christmas list.

Thanks for reading!

 I want to just take a quick minute to say sorry for the lack of posts in the past couple of weeks, I've been really busy and my mind has been all over the place... That, coupled with the 'lighting dilemma' (see above) has really thrown me off my game. I'm trying not to put myself under pressure and get back to posting properly when I'm back to myself again!


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