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Music is actually one of the passions I don't give very much space on this blog - mainly because I think music blogging lends itself more to people with a really niche taste in music and mine is almost as mainstream as it gets - especially these days. But I couldn't let a release as exciting as this one pass me by without giving it a little shout out.

I've talked about McBusted before after their tour absolutely blew me away, and after the success of the tour it was much to the upset of many newer Mcfly fans the boys shelved their own album 6 in favour of this combined effort.

I would firstly like to say I think making it self titled was a bit of a lazy move and the artwork was neither here nor there to me but that's not the important bit. The next thing I noticed was that it combined a song that James had actually written a couple of years ago that I LOVED so I was so excited to hear the studio version.

Rather than go into it track by track I'll give you a general over view of my thoughts. Understandably given the six piece, it's a very full heavy sound. There isn't much stripped back - it's very pumped and  feel good at the same time. Personally I've always preferred the more chilled out tracks from both bands so I find it all a bit much for everyday listening with the exception of Beautiful Girls. It's very catchy, a bit more punk influenced than their older stuff presumably due to influences from Alex (All Time Low) and Mark Hoppus (Blink 182) which I think will hold it back from being as commercially successful but I think the fans will appreciate that.

There's classic James Bourne silliness all over the place in the lyrics - Sensitive Guy ("I'm ready to marry/ She's so Samantha but I'm all Carrie"), Riding On My Bike, Hate Your Guys, Hows My Hair but that makes it fun and will help them appeal to the teen audience. It also comes in a deluxe version (don't they all nowadays) which adds an extra three tracks of which 'I See Red' makes it a worthwhile move.

So overall I think it's a good fun 'play it loud' record - you can tell how much energy went into it. Stand out tracks for me are 'Get over it', 'What Happened to your Band' (ON POINT!) and number one - 'Beautiful Girls are the Loneliest'. It's much more consistent with what 'Busted minus Charlie' would sound like as opposed to Mcfly. Personally I would have had more vocals from my boy Danny Jones because his voice is literally addictive and I'd have liked to have 1 or 2 more slower paced acoustic numbers because they've always been my favourites but given that this is the fuel for another tour I can see why they wanted to keep the tempo up. I can't wait to see these songs performed live next year - I hope the boys still have all that energy by then!

You can get the album from amazon here, or if you fancy a listen through before you do I've left the spotify below. Let me know what you think!

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