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I've been wanting to get me some Bumble and Bumble for the longest time but was struggling to justify the cost, cue one extremely thoughtful Secret Santa gift from your bestie. I honestly don't think there could have been a more perfect introduction to the brand for me given my continuing search for that voluminous mane, so I was really pleased to unwrap this set of B&B's Thickening shampoo, conditioner and spray.

I'm a firm believer that the divide between high/low end is most noticeable with hair products and this was no different. You could just feel luxury with the shampoo and conditioner - you only needed the tiniest amount for my whole head. Even though the bottles are travel sized I'm pretty sure I could get a good 5-6 washes out of them. They smell beautiful and left my hair feeling really nourished.

Likewise with the spray it came full sized in the classic B&B packaging and just looks so perfect on my dressing table. It was very easy to use and didn't weigh the hair down at all. I think that thickening is a long game so it's quite hard to tell at this point whether it's going to be a winner there but it really does make my hair feel stronger and is a lovely little bit of luxury into my everyday hair routine. It really did make a great gift.

It's safe to say I'll be very sad when these run out, at least I'll still have the spray to keep me going until I go for my next fix! You can pick up the 'Make it big' gift set on the B&B website here along with a few others. Although I can't promise you're going to want to give them away....

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