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Kiko,colour sphere, eyeshadow, review, shade 30, gold, shade 31, dark dove gray, swatches

Last time I was home in Cambridge I noticed that a new makeup shop had appeared in the Grand Arcade shopping centre - something I'd seen mentioned by a couple of bloggers but nothing major. Being the impulsive beauty shopper I am I popped in to pick up a couple of bits to show you.

The stores are very clean with everything easily laid out and easy to pick up (unlike some - MAC - I'm looking at you) with a great range of products from lipsticks to skincare so it was hard to choose where to start. In the end I headed towards the eye shadows because they had some really interesting shades I hadn't seen in other ranges. I did my usual magpie trick and gravitated to two shimmer shades in their colour sphere's - 30 & 31.

They look beautiful in the pan, I almost didn't even want to use them and after swatching on my hand I was optimistic about the pigmentation. However once on a brush, onto the eyelid I was less impressed. The gold shade took so much product before I could even see it and even with a primer faded very quickly throughout the evening. The darker brown shade had slightly more staying power but definitely didn't pack the gorgeous shimmer you see in the packaging. It also was very hard to blend.

So overall not massively impressed with my first venture into Kiko, at a price of £5.90 I think you could do better with Bourjois little pots or L'Oreal Colour Riche shadows however for a unique shade range they can't rival Kiko. It wouldn't put me off trying more from their range though so I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

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Kiko,colour sphere, eyeshadow, review, shade 30, gold, shade 31, dark dove gray, swatches


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  1. Sinéad Danielle ✿10:39

    I completely agree with you - I love Kiko for their selection but their shadows are deceptively hard to blend!

    fabuleuse, toujours ♥


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