Which Rimmel foundation is best ?

Rimmel, foundation, wake me up, lasting finish, 25 hour, soft beige, ivory, drugstore

It seems to be agreement across the board that Rimmel make the best drugstore foundations so I decided to try a couple of the most hyped ones out. I went for Wake Me Up and Lasting Finish. Lasting Finish is described as long lasting full coverage whilst Wake Me Up claims to instantly awaken with a natural finish. I considered maybe also picking up Match Perfection but I thought I'd see how I got on with these first.
Rimmel, foundation, wake me up, lasting finish, 25 hour, soft beige, ivory, drugstore, swatches

My problem with drugstore foundations is the shade range is so small, and Rimmel is no different. With only 7 in Lasting Finish and and 5 in Wake Me Up they just don't really cater for my very cool toned skin as all shades are very yellow toned. I went for the most neutral shades I could find with Soft Beige in Lasting Finish and Ivory in Wake Me Up.

wake me up, ivory, swatch, tester, makeup, beauty, rimmel, foundation
Rimmel - Wake me up foundation in Ivory
Wake Me Up was fairly sheer but definitely brightening. Having said this it did feel quite heavy on my skin. It was very hard to blend, it lasted an average amount of time. I find it really hard to describe because it was just really... nothing special if not quite dry. Although as you will see my biggest problem is the shade.

lasting finish, soft beige, swatch, tester, makeup, beauty, rimmel, foundation
Rimmel - Lasting Finish in Soft Beige
I got on with Lasting Finish much easier, it was very easy to apply and I quickly managed to achieve the look I was after. I found the finish matte which I like and despite the fact it was fuller coverage it didn't feel as heavy. Its staying power could also rival some of it's high end counterparts.

So out of the two I'd definitely choose the Lasting Finish, apart from the shade range it managed to tick a lot of the boxes so for under a tenner it's a great choice for every day. I just wish I could get a more natural looking shade for me.

I'd love to know what you think. Would I have liked Match Perfection more? I think next time I spot a deal on I'll be picking it up!

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  1. Kat Horrocks09:08

    I did like the Wake Me Up when I tried a sample years ago when it first came out, but Lasting Finish has always been my favourite :) I love how it looks on my skin the finish is perfect for me, great coverage but still looks naturally and lasts a decent amount of time for the price!

    Kat x

  2. Josceline09:31

    Just the blog that I needed before a little bit of shopping this afternoon! I know which direction I will be heading, thanks for the advice! x

  3. Nicola Simmons00:42

    That's good to know!! Good luck :-) x

  4. Nicola Simmons00:43

    Yeah do you know what I think I'm just the wrong candidate for WMU - dry skin and a funny shade. Having said that I could definitely see that it brightened me up. I've been wearing lasting finish way more regularly xx


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