My Oscar favourites & fails 2015

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When it comes to movies, I'm the first to admit I have quite low brow taste - which means when it comes to Oscar nominees I have little interest. The red carpet before hand is a completely different matter. The Oscars tend to attract more traditional gowns, in rich fabrics with interesting embellishments and I love to see which A listers got it right - and which ones missed the mark.

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Comb the app - a new fashion must have?

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Before I begin I'd like to say I'm really not into gimmicky apps. I prefer to allocate the storage on my iPhone to endless selfies and photos of my Starbucks. That being said, when the people from Comb got in touch and asked if I'd like to review their app, I was very interested. Have you ever been doing the lunchtime trawl of the news and seen Ariana/Taylor/Cheryl in something and been desperate to steal their style? Well now there's an app for that.
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