Comb the app - a new fashion must have?

comb, fashion, app, review, technology, lifestyle

Before I begin I'd like to say I'm really not into gimmicky apps. I prefer to allocate the storage on my iPhone to endless selfies and photos of my Starbucks. That being said, when the people from Comb got in touch and asked if I'd like to review their app, I was very interested. Have you ever been doing the lunchtime trawl of the news and seen Ariana/Taylor/Cheryl in something and been desperate to steal their style? Well now there's an app for that.

comb, fashion, app, review, technology, lifestyle

What does it do? 

Using just a photo, this app 'combs' online stores to help you find similar items to the item you single out. You can buy directly from the app, share and 'follow' friends to see what they've been pinning.

Is it easy to use? 
The design is really fresh and modern, and I love the interface but all the extra functions make it a little difficult to navigate.

Does it work? 
Well rather than talk about it I thought I'd show you what it comes up with. My overwhelming feeling was that it's better for catching a vibe of an item rather than identifying it - which would have been more useful to me. I even tried to catch it with dresses from Lipsy and Amy Childs collection which I know are included but it didn't manage to pick those up. I think it would be great for alternatives to the items you know where to find but are sold out.

comb, fashion, app, review, technology, lifestyle, ariana grande
taylor swift, comb, fashion, app, review, technology, lifestyle

michelle keegan, lipsy, comb, fashion, app, review, technology, lifestyle

So life changer it is not, but like the shazzam of fashion I think it could definitely have its uses. It relies on it's database so the more it can expand to include a range of retailers the better chance this has of being a success. I will definitely be keeping it on my phone for the next time I'm trying to hunt something a bit trickier down.I hope this has been helpful, let me know if you've tried Comb and what you thought.

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