Liz Earle skincare review - is it worth the buck?

beauty, cleanse and polish, dry skin, gift set, high end, john lewis, liz earle, review, skincare, test,
beauty, cleanse and polish, dry skin, gift set, high end, john lewis, liz earle, review, skincare, test,

When my first skincare basics came to an end I knew I wanted to up my game. Liz Earle - particularly their cleanse and polish had been on my radar for a while. I love that they're a brand fairly local to me, and the all natural ingredients really appeal to me.

Now their products aren't the priciest by a long shot but when you're starting from scratch it can  add up. I originally looked at this set with full size basics which knocks a bit off the price but still is a lot to spend when you're not sure how it will work for you. When browsing it John Lewis this set answered my prayers - at half the price (£25) for miniature versions of the products I thought this would be a great way to get introduced to the brand without too much commitment.

Cleanse and Polish

beauty, cleanse and polish, hot cloth cleanser, liz earle, review, skincare, test,
The idea of this was very confusing to me - it advises you to rub in with your fingers then wipe of with a warm cloth. It smells divine, so fresh and really takes away every scrap of makeup, My skin cleared up amazingly from using this and didn't dry it out. I will definitely be picking this up full size.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic

beauty, instant boost skin tonic, liz earle, review, skincare, test,

Now I'm a bit of a cynic for toner - beyond acting as the double cleanse I can't see too much point in toner. I tried the routine with and without this and I couldn't really tell what it was doing. It feels very fresh but given that a full sizer costs £14.50 I think I'd happily miss this.

Skin Repair Moisturiser

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When you choose your set you can adapt the moisturiser for your skin type. I went for dry/sensitive option. Again it has that gorgeous fresh scent and feels very luxury but heavy. It doesn't feel like it sinks in that quickly but definitely has a lovely finish. I like it and it definitely does the job but I preferred my MAC comfort creme.

I have actually left out the Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion that you'll see in the photos because it's not really something I have a need for.

So overall the routine definitely does the job well, the scent is gorgeous and relaxing and makes taking care of your skin a pleasure. The cleanse and polish as expected is definitely the stand out product and the one I will be repurchasing but the others I'll probably give a miss. The only thing I have noticed is that my skin has seemed duller, potentially due to the absence of a serum so that's my next point of call. The search continues...

What would you recommend for injecting a glow into your skin? Or is there anything you could recommend for dry skin?

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  1. I am using the Cleanse & Polish at the moment and my skin is feeling a lot better (my last cleanser was defintitely too drying) - I've used the other products before but even though I loved the smell of the skin tonic, it didn't make my skin feel great after using & I found the moisturiser too heavy

  2. I really loved the cleanser aswell, but the price of the full sized one scared me off. Soap and glory do a very similar one for a lot cheaper.

  3. Different product brands have different effects on different skin types. But i would definitely recommend you to have a chemical skin peel treatment from CosmeDocs clinic as it completely rejuvenated my skin and brought back its glow.


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